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Our 2018 festival passes are now available at a special 22% discount until 31 JAN 2018. These passes are valid for all 2018 MainStage performances, 7+8 SEP at the Grace Hartman Amphitheatre. Click the link below, or visit the following locations: Jazz Sudbury (96 Larch Street, Suite 200); Jett Landry Music (1119 Lasalle Boulevard); A&J Home Hardware (469 Bouchard Street).


To produce performances and charitable activities in the area of music for the purpose of educating and advancing the public’s understanding and appreciation of the arts through participation in festivals, musical performances, related workshops and other educational activities.


Since its inception in 2009, Jazz Sudbury Festival has become one of the premiere musical events in the North. Named Best New Festival in 2012 and one of the Top 100 Festivals in Ontario, Jazz Sudbury continues to expand and quickly build its reputation as one of the finest community events in the province. Jazz Sudbury showcases talented, award-winning artists and continues to expose the community to the diverse and captivating genre that is jazz. Jazz Sudbury’s goals are to enrich the community’s arts sector and encourage participation in cultural events while creating opportunities to showcase up and coming performers. Jazz Sudbury is an independent, charitable organization and is actively pursuing partnerships within the community in order to sustain and build its presence provincially, nationally and internationally.

Opening Times


 9:30 ~ 4:30